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Bank grants a loan of USD 100-3000 immediately to the account

Life can sometimes surprise you in the form of an economic catastrophe, and then it is a good idea to seek help. For low-income earners, the economic dip is already a staggering $ 200, but of course it can be a larger sum. Many cash needs can be solved quickly. It is in the customer’s interest to have a stable financial situation as soon as possible. A stressful situation consumes and even affects a night’s sleep.

Astro Finance has two loan products: Consumer Loan and Flexible Loan. They provide the borrower with completely different loan options, but still stretch to a surprisingly wide variety of loan needs. Flexicurity, in particular, is a versatile financing solution as a loan product.

Check out the loan products and compare their features. You will surely find the right financing solution for you. The loan process takes up to half an hour to complete, so you can really get your money in quickly.

E-Money 200 is a free loan for everyday expenses


Astro Finance grants the loan free of charge. Astro Finance Free is a non-interest leverage that is practically free for the borrower. The free leverage is a one-time loan of USD 100-300 . It is granted for a 14 day loan and payment period . This means that you will be reimbursed within two weeks.

Astro Finance Free is really a free loan! Of course, like other loans, it needs to be repaid, but without interest. For example, if you borrow $ 200, you will pay back $ 200 within two weeks. There are no extra charges on the loan.

When the loan period is over, the leverage becomes an interest-bearing loan according to the terms of the agreement. The nipple is repaid within six months in six monthly installments. Thus, every other month is repayment free. Small monthly installments are designed so that you can estimate your finances in advance so that installments don’t overload your wallet.

An example of a USD 200 leverage with a one-year maturity increases the interest rate on the loan term by USD 75. So you pay back a total of $ 275 instead of the original $ 200. So it makes sense to think carefully about whether you can really repay your free loan within two weeks.

You can also opt for a 12-month loan repayment period already at the application stage, if you know it is better suited to your financial situation. Monthly repayments can sometimes be better for your wallet, even if it does result in the cost of the loan.

Applying for a two-week loan period is especially suitable for everyday life just before payday. This will ensure that the loan will be repaid within two weeks and no additional costs will accrue.

Astro Finance Flexibility Loan is a continuous loan

Loan and Credit Flexibility Loan is a continuous loan

It is a flexible credit account of USD 100-3000 , adapted to the needs of the borrower. You can use your flexible loan to make withdrawals, depending on the situation. You will have your own credit line of $ 2000-3000 . You can withdraw an instant $ 200 from your account or transfer a larger amount, such as $ 2,500, to your account. Flexibility within a credit facility is fully flexible to your needs.

Flexibility is also flexible in repayment. The loan may be repaid in appropriate monthly installments, or it may be repaid in one installment. This way, you will have all the credit again. So your credit account lives up to withdrawals and repayments: the more you repay the loan, the more credit you have.

You can also open a flexible loan as an emergency, as only a drawn down credit will incur costs. That way, you have the financial support you need when the economy dips – and it certainly does!

How do I apply a $ 200 lever?


Applying for Astro Finance loan products is successful with a secure online application. The loan application is kept as simple as possible so that it can be completed quickly and easily. The application will be completed in minutes.

  1. Identify with your bank IDs or mobile certificate. Then fill in your application with personal and financial information.
  2. Verify your earnings by using Instantor or by downloading an attachment. You can also submit attachments later. (No Astro Finance Free for $ 100-300!)
  3. Wait for the loan decision. You will receive your initial loan decision immediately, but your final credit decision will be sent after your loan processor has verified your earnings information.
  4. The money will be in your account within minutes of a positive loan decision. Most bank accounts transfer money immediately.

Loan applications are always processed during the opening hours of the loan services. Applications sent at night will be processed in the morning in the order of arrival.

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